Monday, July 6, 2009

Ogunquit, ME

As we do every year, we went with Nate's family to Ogunquit, Maine. This is another trip where we mostly grill, but we also go to Frankie and Johnny's Natural Foods — one of the only places in southern Maine that serves vegan food in addition to seafood. And, it is a wonderful little place — the portions are gigantic, the food is crammed full of flavor, and the ambiance is charming.

Nate's vegan tostada is stacked. You can easily see the grilled vegetables drizzled with tofu cream that line the bottom layer. This is followed from bottom to top by a corn tortilla, black beans, another tortilla, coconut rice, another tortilla, and fresh tomato salsa — with more tofu cream drizzled on the top. It's hard to know what to start with. Every layer is delicious and the choice of different flavors from cool and creamy, to sweet and coconutty, to spicy, to salty and crunchy. There's too much there to try and get it all in one forkful with each bite.

Amy took the picture of her salad before adding the creamy and somehow vegan blueberry dressing. This thing was delicious as it was enormous. A heaping plate of fresh greens, tomatoes and cucumbers were entwined with roasted squash, carrots and onions. Garnished with juicy melon and blueberries, and topped off with spiced mixed nuts and beets — Amy was in true love.

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