Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wilmington, NC

We were supposed to update this blog with a trip to Boston between our last update (January 14) and now. But, this happened:

Yep, that's our car. Photo courtesy of James Burger, a local photographer who took pictures for us while we toiled in Manhattan, unaware of the fail. Thanks!

So, we didn't get out of the city for a while. But when our birthdays (Nate was born on June 14, 1983 while Amy was born a year and two days later, on June 16, 1984) rolled around, we decided to take a trip to visit Amy's dad in Wilmington, NC. So we borrowed Amy's mom's car and drove the 10 hours from New York.

Though we mostly grilled, we did find a couple places that were nice.

This is Brixx Pizza, which is a chain in the Carolinas and Tennessee. They serve light, California-style pizza — and offer soy cheese! The great part was that the (incredibly young) staff didn't even bat an eye when we requested it!

This is the roasted veggie pizza.

And this is mushroom-arugula. Elitist, I know, but very good. This was sauceless-based pizza, instead with a garlicky crust. Simple and delicious.

By far the best place we went, however, was Flaming Amy's Bowl. This place is fantastic fun. It's an all-you-can-eat stir fry place, where you select your veggies and protein (they do have meat, but tofu is available as well), present it to a (tattooed) guy at a habachi, who adds one of many sauces (options include barbeque, coconut curry, and Thai peanut) and brown or white rice, or pasta. Considering how many times we went up, it's sad that we only have one picture... but here it is.

Amy opted for a garlic-ginger sauce, round one with brown rice and round two with pasta. The rice version was preferred, and for the ridiculously low cost of $15 for the two of us (including Nate's unsweetened-tea) we left with our bellies full and happy..

..and then discovered in the same plaza, a Rita's Italian Ice was having a "free size small" day, for their grand opening celebration. No pics of that because frankly it was kinda gross (we're used to a more Brooklyn-style authentic ice).

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